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General Restoration – Completed Projects

Hurricane Wilma (10/23/2005)
South Florida

Damages caused by high winds, wind blown rain, and flooding.

Lexington Club: Delray Beach, FL $15.4 million
442 Units consisting of 108 buildings in a very up-scale retirement community. Re-roofed 95 buildings, damaged to 60% of the interiors due to wind blown rain, extensive clean-up to grounds and tree removal.

Supervised 3 full time project managers. Employed approximately 100 laborers and carpenters on a daily basis performing selective demo, drywall installation, painting and texturing interiors of the units. We worked approximately 250 roofers everyday consisting of utilizing five separate roofing contractors.

Oriole Golf and Tennis Club Margate, FL $2.7 million
12 Four story buildings and a 5000 sq.ft. Club House in a moderately up-scale retirement community. Replaced 100% of all roofs, gutters and total demo (down to structure) and re-construction of the Club House.

Green Tree Apartments Oakland Park, FL $2.2 million
27 Two Story Apartment Buildings, Club House, Fitness and Laundry Building owned by Northland Investment Group. 100% Total roof replacement, gutter replacement, replaced all soffit and facia, and painted 100% of the exterior.

Deloro Apartment Complex Plantation, FL $2.1 million
2 Four story apartment buildings consisting of approximately 360,000 sq.ft. Replaced both roofs, completely removed and replaced 100% of existing mansards (consisting of 1400 trusses), and performed water mitigation and drywall replacement of approximately 25% of the interior units.

Lincoln Field Apartments Liberty City, FL $700,000
Consisting of 21 units (2) story buildings. Replaced the roof on both buildings. Performed water mitigation on approximately 80% of the interior units.

Baymont Inn Miami, FL $1.1 million
Replaced existing roof, totally gutted the entire 4th floor and 40% of the third floor down to the structure and slab. Total reconstruction of these areas as per Baymont Inn Specifications.

FedEx Corporate Office Building Ft. Lauderdale, FL $650,000
Complete remodel of their existing Call Center corporate Offices. Approximately 88,000 sq.ft.

Also managed approximately 15 other projects in the South Florida area ranging from $32,000 to $350,000 each.

Hurricane Ike (9/13/2005) Houston, TX and
surrounding area

Project Coordinator over 9 of 18 damaged Senior Care facilities owned by Sava Senior Care. In December of 2009 it was requested by Sava that we take over all facilities. Supervised 14 Project Managers and every sub-contractor hired to perform any type if work on these facilities. All estimates, sub-contracts, and any insurance related agreements were approved by Allen Roney.

Damages were caused by massive flooding, high winds and wind blown rain. Work performed in each facility consisted of Cat III Water remediation and Mold remediation. All facilities below with the dollar amounts of the EMS (emergency services performed immediately following the storm) and the Reconstruction of the interior and/or any additional work performed on each particular facility outside the remediation as listed.

The Village Healthcare Houston, TX 44,000sq.ft.
Asbestos Abatement on 100% of the flooring and 30% of the ceiling textures $492,000Westchase Health/Rehab Houston, TX 52,000 sq.ft.
Asbestos Abatement 100% of flooring – $505,000Cypresswood Health Houston, TX 38,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$697,800Spring Branch Health/Rehab Houston, TX 22,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$210,000Pine Arbor Silsbee, TX 23,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$697,800Pine Forest Beaumont, TX 24,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-(Building still vacant)Winchester Lodge Alvin, TX 27,300 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$5.2 million
EMS included complete asbestos abatement demo
down to the structural beams and slab.
Reconstruction was complete and including
code upgrades.

Kountze Health Care Kountze, TX 19,000 sq.ft.

Woodwind Lakes Houston, TX 38,000 sq.ft.

First Colony Missouri City, TX 42,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$$567,400 EMS includes new roof installationBay Villa Bay City, TX 24,000 sq.ft.
EMS includes asbestos abatement to all effected drywall.Northwest Regional Houston, TX 21,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$290,500Faith Memorial Houston, TX 18,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$122,000Jacinto City Healthcare Houston, TX 21,000 sq.ft.
Reconstruction-$153,500Westbury Healthcare Houston, TX 49,000 sq.ft.
EMS includes a total re-roofPasadena Care Pasadena, TX 19,500 sq.ft.

Brazoview Health Houston, TX 21,000 sq.ft.

Sweeney Health Sweeny, TX 25,000 sq.ft.

In addition to work performed which was directly caused by Hurricane Ike, handled in excess of $2.8 million in capital expenditure repairs and remodels to these facilities.

August 2009 Tornado

Kohl’s Department Store Beaumont, TX $1.9 million
Tornado ripped a 60×60 hole in the roof causing water damage to 40 percent of the interior of the building. It also threw 20 ton HVAC units from the roof into the parking lot. Managed 4-6 Project Managers working (2) 12 hours shifts daily with approximately 130 laborers per shift. We dried the building using 5 desiccants, provided power with 5 generators, and extracted water from 100% of the facility. 100% of the fixtures, carpet, and ceiling tiles were replaced. The opened for business in 17 days.

July 2010 Floods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kohl’s Department Store Bay Shore, WI $335,000
Floods caused interior damage approximately 19,000 sq.ft. of area. Constructed temporary walls with 6ml poly and dried the affected areas with portable dehumidifiers once all water was extracted. This was done in an effort to keep the facility open during the remediation process.

Golden Living Senior Care Centers Milwaukee, WI $2,100,000
Dried with desiccants and portable dehumidifiers a total of five facilities in a total of one week’s time.

May 2010 Floods in Nashville, TN

Kohl’s Dept. Store Hermitage, TN $650,000
The entire facility under water setting approximately 500 ft from the Stones River. As the water receded and was extracted we dried the affected area with desiccant units. Called in after three days by Kohl’s after replacing 100% of the labor force and on site management, increased the labor force by three times its original number, and began working around the clock. Opened the store exactly 76 hours later.